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The Benefits of Preschool.

Are you on the fence about sending your little one to preschool? Some parents would rather have their child stay home with them for extra bonding before they start grade school. Others, can’t wait for them to get a head start on their education. Here are my thoughts!


I sent both of my kids to preschool. My middle child is currently in his second year of preschool. We started him a year early so that he could have some socialization and so that he felt like he had a place to go just like big brother!

The first year was amazing for him to learn how to act around other kids. The second year is where all of the things he was taught last year, are finally clicking and I’m really seeing him blossom. He is begininning to write, too!

I decided preschool was important for my son to attend because I had my second son and he was quite a handful. It was difficult for me to give my oldest my undivided attention and I could tell it effected him. He was jealous and distracted. The times I COULD sit down and teach him, he would just want to play with me. That’s when I figured that sending him somewhere for a few hours a day would be fun, educational and it would give him some time away from the baby brother.

For my oldest, preschool was important because I was able to see some behavioral issues during that time, and have an experienced preschool teacher work with me and guide me through this time. She was awesome in so many ways and really understood how each child is different and there is no cookie cutter way of teaching or handling their emotions. I’m glad I learned this before Kinder because, Man, I was in for a tough adjustment. My son got into some trouble, had a detention, a meeting with the principle, and even had a Google Doc dedicated to his daily behavior. Now these are things I was able to start working on in preschool, thankfully. I understood he would have difficulty adjusting to a new school and a longer school day. But he was prepared the year before with a routine to wake up early every morning, get dressed, be responsible with his book bag every week, and have to do what was expected of him in class.

As a first grader now, he’s an awesome student. He loves his teachers and loves helping them any chance he gets. He’s confident in class and on the playground. I owe a lot to his preschool teacher. When you find a good one, they can really work wonders in your child’s life.  He’s reading at a second grade level only 3 months into the year!


My middle son will finish his last year with his preschool teacher in 6 months. He’s excited to start at the big school with his big brother, and he’s pretty thrilled for the bigger playground, too!

As for me, I know he will be prepared and excited for school. Preschool is a great way to acclimate your kids to school.


No matter what you choose, give your little one a big hug and kiss every chance you get. They grow up too fast and you don’t want to miss out on a single snuggle before they’re pushing you away!


XOXO Patty