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Daily Stay at home mom schedule

Here is what a day in my life looks like. I have a 2 year old, 4 year old, and a 2 month old. All Boys. This is not a guarantee that my day will run smoothly, but my kids respond better to being active and knowing what’s ahead, so here it is:


7:30am Wake up, get dressed

8am Breakfast

8:15am Take B to preschool

8:30am Grab my coffee and head home

9am Time with Brad, Take a walk or just snuggle together. Whatever Bradley wants to do with me, this is his special time

11am  snack, then pick up B from preschool

12pm Lunch then toy cleanup/chores

1pm Quiet Time/Nap (Except my kids don’t nap.Ever.) I try to get in some cleaning at this time then catch up on some tv

3pm Snack, Outside time like park or walk, or a movie if it’s too much for that day

4:30pm Music time and dancing while I make dinner

5:30pm Eat dinner

6pm Family time with daddy

7pm Bath time/ water play

7:30pm jammies, brush teeth

8pm Read stories in bed

8:30pm Bedtime

8:30pm-10pm Time for Hubby and Me 🙂 A moment of peace!


That’s basically the gist of it all. I am trying to do 2 organized activities a day and also work on adding in alone time with my oldest because he rarely gets time away from his younger brothers. He has suggested a walk around the block at night so I might add that in sometime after dinner.

What do your days look like? And if you have 3 kids or more, how the heck do you keep them all busy and engaged? I’d love to hear!