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Why I Shop Black Friday.


For the last few years I’ve gone out at the wee hours of the night to be around the buzz of Black Friday Shopping. Up until last year, I never actually bought anything because I didn’t know what I was looking for so nothing ever really seemed like a “deal”. I thought the only thing that really mattered was a T.V. because you would hear everyone talking about how they got one last year or plan to get one this year and you always see people with their carts brimming with that huge T.V. they just purchased on Black Friday.  Well, I didn’t need one of those. So, I would go home empty handed and wondering what the appeal of this  day was.


Now, last year was different. I decided we were going to go out on Black Friday and get our Christmas shopping finished for our kids while we had money and while we had time. Normally, we are still shopping on Christmas Eve with an ill equipped budget and stuck in the last minute shopper traffic all day just trying to get whatever is left.

Anyways, so last year I went out to the outlets and to Target. I was able to find awesome deals on warm beanies and mittens for each of my children and a cute long sleeve top from Carter’s for a decent price. The Clearance was an additional % off. At Target I found them board games that were 50% marked down and a fun age appropriate toy for each that I knew they would enjoy. We spent under $200 for all 3 kids and had so many toys for them to open on Christmas. It was awesome! We picked up a gift for our parents and teachers, something small but thoughtful… And my shopping was done!


Do you know how much more enjoyable the holidays are when you know you have all your gifts already?? For the first time since becoming an adult, I finally felt like I could breath for the holidays and take it all in for what it’s meant to be. Family, faith, love, joy.


So, even if I could still get those deals closer to Christmas, I wouldn’t wait. Because I think getting it taken care of and out of the way before the real crazy-of-the-season happens is well worth staying up a little later and walking off that Turkey dinner.


What are you looking for this year during Black Friday? When do you prefer to shop?


XOXO Patty

Ramble Ramble

Balancing Act

My life is one giant balancing act. Spreading myself between my husband, my 4 year old, 2 year old, 2 month old, 2 dogs, and a messy house. Wait….I forgot to add myself in there…….Sound familiar?


Sometimes I just need a break from it all. I am spread very thin as a stay at home mom. Making sure everyone and everything has their needs met so they can enjoy a happy and fulfilling life. I always feel super accomplished when everyone was able to have my attention for the day, but I also feel very burnt out at the end of everyday. I haven’t really been able to figure out where to find women to socialize with. And quite frankly, I don’t want to join a mommy group, because I want to be able to have a civilized convo with the ladies without having sporadic outbursts at my kids mid sentence. How do you go about finding ladies to chat with and go out for coffee with when you are a stay at home mom?? Million dollar question right there.


Tonight was so bad, I actually had to “check out” mentally for an hour (as I write this, of course)! But us mommas do what we have to do to still feel normal. I can’t offer any advice on how to have a life right now, because it is a work in progress for me still, but I will share my journey with you all along the way. There is strength in numbers and I feel like there is nothing better than women learning together and through each other. We aren’t always perfect but we are kickin ass and taking names in the game of MOTHERHOOD. 😉


Back to balancing…Make sure that each member in your family gets one on one time with you, ESPECIALLY yourself. You can’t give when all has been taken. Refill your cup every single day. Take a bath, zone out, read a book, exercise. Do something for you, even if it’s just using the bathroom with the door closed and locked. You deserve it!


Have tips on balancing family, husband, and yourself?? Comment below!