Parent Teacher Conferences

Ahhhh Parent Teacher Conferences. A time to meet with your child’s teacher and hear how smart your kid is and how well he’s doing in the classroom……..Or is it?

Typically, you’ll hear how well your child is doing and get some tips to help with what needs to be improved.

When I hear that term, I know all my dirty laundry is about to be aired. How many days of school your child has missed, the tally of all the days my son has been late. How he’s turned in his homework late for the third week in a row. And how important it is to show up, be on time, and be prepared.


Now, im not complaining about any of these. Really! I agree 100%. However, I’m not perfect. I am that “Hot Mess” everyone reads about on Facebook. Which means that these parent teacher conferences are more of a parent report card than anything. And you know, I just don’t look forward to these things.


I feel the need to remind myself, and everyone else if this helps at all. So here it goes. Moms and dads, it is your responsibility to raise kids into responsible adults. You set the example for them and teach them about priorities. Teachers can only do their job if there’s a student sitting in that class and who is prepared to learn.

When I go into that meeting today, I will fully take responsibility for the late days and no shows because that’s on me! No homework had been turned in? Yes, I’m aware, and that also is on me. But I will walk out of that classroom more committed to showing my child that his education is important to me even if it means waking up a little earlier to make time for missing shoes and meltdowns. I will stay up a little later to make sure the homework is finished and packed in his backpack. Because one day, he’ll be responsible enough to take care of these things himself, thanks to Mom, Dad, and awesome teachers!


Just maybe, next year I won’t be scared when this time rolls around!!! Fingers crossed!


How do you feel about Parent-Teacher Conferences? Leave a comment!


XoXo Patty



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