Helping Others

As the holidays creep up on us this year and we get excited about shopping and holiday parties and the cheery feels of the season, Let us not forget about the men, women, and children who will be on the street this year. If you live in a town similar to mine, you see the homeless everyday looking through garbage for cans and bottles to recycle, or lying on the cold concrete trying to get a nap in to sleep off the hunger. Many of these people don’t have family, they definitely don’t have a warm home many barely have warm enough clothes, and they won’t be getting everything on their Christmas list.

So, before you think you have all of your gift lists put in order and that you’ve got everyone covered, Take a moment to add one thing on that list that could help someone down on their luck. Maybe donate warm clothes, purchase some extra packs of socks. When you get together with your family, consider making some care packages of toiletries and snacks together and hand them out or donate the care packages to your local shelter/resource center.

Let’s share our blessings and get into a habit of helping others. Our world will be a better place when we choose love and show compassion.


How will you use your helping hands this year?

Here’s an example of how to put together a Blessing Bag from Thrifty North West Mom



XOXO Patty


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