Play Date Ideas!

You found fellow friends that associate with being parents. Now what? Well, now you get out of your Pj’s and throw on your best mom jeans and then get out and have fun with one of these great ideas.
1. Old fashioned park play date.

Choose a park that accommodates both parties. It’s helpful to pick a park that has bathrooms and allows for lots of running around. Think about weather. Is it hot outside? Make sure there is shade. A good playground goes a long way,too!

2. Kid-friendly indoor park/arcade.

My kids looovvveeee Chucke E Cheese! I think they even serve wine now for us parents 😉 WIN! And you only need a few bucks per kid for tokens. You don’t have to order food there, which makes this play date a great rainy day activity. Choosing one with a play structure extends the fun after the tokens are all gone. Afterwards, they get to turn those tickets in for a small prize. A play date that keeps on giving. How awesome is that?? 

Any sort of fun indoor park will work. Research what’s nearby. We have a Pump It Up, our local YMCA, soon we will have a trampoline park! Even minigolf, bowling, Or your library (most have kid corners now). 

Even big book stores usually have a kid corner with a train table or an area for kids to sit and read. Usually, there is also a cafe. Talk about family friendly!

3. Family amusement park or museum.

Have season passes to a local amusement park? Use them! We have special days where we can get friends in free, which is a win if your mom pal doesn’t have a season pass also. 

A children’s oriented museum is also a great way to spend a play date! So much fun to be had and things to learn from a museum! 

4. Nature walk

Lastly, you can’t go wrong with a good ol’ walk. Fresh air does everyone good. Make it fun. Bring the scooters and bikes. Collect trash and clean up the neighborhood, throw rocks into a pond. The opportunities are endless when you are out in open space. 

Sometimes, finding a paved trail near you is best for younger kids. Always use safety precautions.
I hope these have helped you get some ideas for your next play date! Let me know what your favorite excursion is with the kids!

Xoxo Patty


Motherhood Is Lonely, Let’s Change That.

Why are so many moms sitting at home right now finding someone on a blog to connect to….like this one? I get it, I was a lonely mom. I tried mom groups, park play dates, friending other moms online, friend apps. I’ve even tried reconnecting with old friends that are not parents. Unfortunately, I have nothing in common with them anymore. They don’t understand the troubles we go through or the simple fact that going out to a club on a Friday night seems like work and not a good time after the thought of getting dressed up, walking around past bedtime, and being away from your cozy bed and the Investagtion Discovery channel.

Well, sometimes a social life can be hard. Especially in the beginning of it all. I’m still getting used to marriage and sharing all of my things. And I’m still getting used to 3 kids that seem to have an infinite amount of energy and feelings. I’ve come to accept my lack of social life, because it’s not important to me to have friends just because society says “this is the amount of friends normal people have”. I’m not normal and I don’t have a problem saying I have 3 friends. But I do think it’s important to have some people to have play dates with or grab a quick cup of coffee with in the morning.

So here’s what I did. There wasn’t a mom’s group or meetup in my city. The city over had one but they required you to attend a hosted meetup once a month, and c’mon, anything that kicks you out for not following rules is not my thing. So I created a social page on Facebook for my town for moms. It’s up to a good number of moms. We ask questions, we get together for coffee, I create a monthly list of events. Sometimes nobody comes, sometimes it’s a great turnout. Either way, it’s a starting point towards meeting and taking to local moms.


check your Facebook for a local group, and if it’s not there, create one yourself! You’d be surprised how quickly it grows! Then, you’ll need a list of ideas for play dates! Coming soon! 😉


Hang in there parents. Drop expectations of a social life and recreate your own. You don’t need to follow social norms after motherhood, you create your own.



xoxo Patty