It Must Be Nice…

To all of you who judge mothers, especially stay at home moms, and tell us…”It must be nice…”, SCREW YOU!!!



It must be nice to have ZERO alone time?

It must be nice to wipe asses all day long?

It must be nice to have an empty bank account?

It must be nice that the highlight of my day is my morning trip to Starbucks which is the only money I spend on myself personally?

It must be nice to watch everyone around me get out of the house and socialize?

It must be nice to have to fix everything in the house by myself or be stuck with it forever broken, water squirting all over my bathroom every time I shower.

It must be nice to be the glue that holds everything and everyone together, even when you are almost empty?


It must be nice, isn’t it?


I love my family, but sometimes its so hard to hold it together. You feel lonely, and forgotten. You want to support your husband with his work and his personal life but can’t help but feel jealous when he goes out to breakfast and lunch without you, especislly when y ou are in serious need of a date. Or when he is too tired from work to help you when he gets home. All “motherly” tasks are left to you because you are better at it. No break, no help, no life.


That’s how I feel at this very moment.


That will change.


Because from now on, I will put myself first, so that I can be an even better wife and mother. I will go to mom groups, I will go to that MEETUP for 20/30 year olds, I will go to the gym and proudly frop my kids off for 90 minutes of freedom, I will travel 40 miles to see my friend in another city, I wil make myself a priority. Because I shouldn’t have to cry that nobody else does. That’s up to me.


Rant over.


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