Mommy Tales and Tools

Park time

Everyday I make it a point to take the kids to the playground. If that’s all I can do with the kids for the day, I’m okay with it because at least they got out of the house and had a time to be social with other kids. They get their exercise in and I get some fresh air which makes me feel more balanced. Sometimes we go to Barnes and noble when I’m not up for chasing them at the park, but honestly they are getting to the point where I have to chase them around in their and it becomes stressful making sure they don’t make a mess with the books and displays. So playgrounds are my go to out and about activity.

My kids each like to pick a special toy they bring to play with, everyday my tot brings his basketball and pretends to shoot it at the hoop and my 4 year old brings whatever he’s interested in that day. If you are a stay at home mom and you don’t go to the playground everyday, I’m interested in hearing how you keep your little ones busy during the day.


I’ve been trying to be “unplugged” for most of the day and limit my children’s tv/computer time, and I notice a real difference in their Attitudes and mine too! But that’s another post I’ll write soon.

Please comment with busy body activities you do with your child to burn off energy, I’d love some new ideas!


Peace and love,

God bless,

Wonder mommy


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